Founded in 2012 by Mark & Deb Prentiss, Rising Stars Academy is a school for students ages 18-26 with special needs. We provide a unique curriculum, rooted in the culinary arts, that promotes education, hands-on experience, and personal growth that will help to get our students to be gainfully employed in the future.

We are a school that runs all year long, with a summer hiatus that begins in mid-June through mid-August. With this, our students are provided an education that is consistent and ensures stability throughout their development and growth. We honor a unique programming that has become the heart of our educational approach as we believe each and every student has an incredible desire for a strong work ethic.

Mark Prentiss

  • Role at RSA : Co-Founder & Chef/Educator
  • Favorite movie: Happy Gilmore
  • Dream travel destination: Australia
  • Favorite food: Farm-to-plate and shareable
  • Favorite Detroit sports team: Tigers
  • “Likes”: My Grandchildren, wife & career

Debbie Prentiss

  • Role at RSA : Co-Founder & Superintendent
  • Favorite movie: Sandlot
  • Dream travel destination: European river cruise
  • Favorite food: Seafood
  • Favorite Detroit sports team: Tigers
  • “Likes”: My Grandchildren, flowers & sitting by water

Carol Shaw

  • Role at RSA : Administrative Assistant
  • Favorite movie: Daddy’s Home
  • Dream travel destination:  Ireland & Scotland
  • Favorite food: Salad & Pizza
  • Favorite Detroit sports team: Tigers
  • “Likes”: My daughters, traveling & scrapbooking

Natalie Regener

  • Role at RSA: CI Teacher
  • Favorite Movie:  Hitch
  • Dream travel destination:  Australia with Mom
  • Favorite food:  Mexican – El Charro’s especially
  • Favorite Detroit Team:  Tigers
  • “Likes”:  Time with family, fall & making people smile

Emily Bregier

  • Role at RSA : Teacher
  • Favorite Movie: Home Alone
  • Dream travel destination: Costa Rica
  • Favorite food: Ice Cream
  • Favorite Detroit Team: Red Wings
  • “Likes”: Swimming in the ocean, riding my bike & painting

Tammy Hudson

  • Role at RSA : Agriscience Teacher
  • Dream travel destination: Costa Rica, Borneo & Alaska
  • Favorite food: Any type of fruit
  • Favorite movie: The Labyrinth
  • “Likes”: Being barefoot, photography & Gardening

Wendy Watters

  • Role at RSA : Culinary Para Professional
  • Favorite Movie: Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Dream travel destination: Switzerland
  • Favorite food: Asian-inspired
  • Favorite Detroit sports team: Tigers
  • “Likes”: Sleeping, family adventures & sweet tea

Tom Iwanicki

  • Role at RSA : Para Professional
  • Favorite Movie: The Godfather
  • Dream travel destination: Maui
  • Favorite food: Steak with a baked potato
  • Favorite Detroit sports team: Tigers
  • “Likes”: Football, hiking and playing bad golf

Kim Bullaro

  • Role at RSA : Para Professional
  • Favorite movie: A Walk in the Clouds
  • Dream travel destination: Dude Ranch
  • Favorite food: Roast Beef
  • Favorite Detroit sports team: Romeo Bulldogs
  • “Likes”:Family Dinners, Reading, hanging w/hubby

Adrienne Nowak

  • Role at RSA:  Para Professional
  • Favorite Movie:  Wizard of Oz
  • Dream Travel Destination:  Australia
  • Favorite Food:  Sushi
  • Favorite Detroit Team:  All Detroit teams
  • “Likes:”  Being a Mom, Gardening & animals (my pets)

Ryan Abrasia

  • Role at RSA:  CMH Support Coordinator
  • Favorite Movie:  Pulp Fiction
  • Dream Travel Destination:  Tokyo
  • Favorite Detroit Team:  All of them
  • Favorite Food:  Chili Fries
  • “Likes:”  Making music, helping others & Laughing

Luanne Jones

  • Role at RSA:  Para Professional
  • Favorite Movie:  Ghost
  • Dream Travel Destination:  Australia
  • Favorite Detroit Team:  Red Wings
  • Favorite Food:  Ice Cream
  • “Likes:”  Family time, playing Euchre,  Christmas

Cherie Cichowski

  • Role at RSA : Para Professional
  • Favorite Movie:  Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Dream Travel Destination:  Switzerland
  • Favorite Food:  Pulled pork
  • Favorite Detroit sports team: Red Wings
  • “Likes:”  My family, target shooting & my dogs

Sarah Anderson

  • Role at RSA : Para Professional
  • Dream travel destination: Hawaii
  • Favorite food: Steak
  • Favorite Detroit Team: Tigers
  • “Likes”: Cooking, family & helping others

Debra Colemon

  • Role at RSA:  Para Professional
  • Favorite Movie:  All Disney movies
  • Dream Travel Destination:  Hawaii
  • Favorite Food:  Chicken Salad
  • Favorite Detroit Team:  Pistons
  • “Likes:”  Family adventures, cooking & shopping