Urban Farm

Our six-acre farm is located directly behind our school and features a herb garden, vegetable garden, chicken coop, greenhouse and more.


Students learn from our on-site aquaponics system of aquaculture where waste produced by farmed fish supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.

DIY Room

Rising Stars Academy features an on-site woodworking shop. Students learning everything from machine safety to basic cutting skills and everything in between.

Retail Space

Our friends at General Motors have worked with us to develop a retail space filled with fresh produce and goods available for sale inside Rising Stars Academy.

On-Site Restaurant

Rising Stars Academy features a full-service kitchen and chef staff that teaches students classic culinary training from chopping, plating, service, clean-up and more.

Processing Plant

Opening in winter 2017, RSA will open a production facility servicing the Greater Metro Detroit-area restaurants and food businesses.