Rising Stars Academy Cafe


Tomato Basil Pasta:

Rich tomato sauce finished with fresh Basil, diced tomatoes, roasted vegetables, and Italian sausage served with focaccia bread. $6.50

Italian Sub Sandwich:

A fresh Italian sub bun basted with RSA dressing sliced provolone cheese, salami, ham, lettuce, and vegetable relish, red pepper mayo, served with potato chips. $ 6.50

Butter-Nut Squash Soup:

Fresh Butter-Nut Squash form RSA own garden blended into a rich velvety soup and served with focaccia bread. $ 5.50

Chef Salad:

Crisp Tender lettuce mix topped with assorted meats and cheese and roasted vegetables with your choice of Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian and served with focaccia bread $ 6.50

RSA Wings:

Dry rub chicken wings, slow roasted as served with buffalo sauce, blue cheeses, red pepper mayo $ 6.50

Pulled Pork Taco’s:

Flour tortillas pilled with black bean rice, pulled pork, salsa Verde, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, lime crème, and red pepper mayo $ 6.50