A mission of Rising Stars Academy is to teach our students the life and professional skills that will allow them to be gainfully employed in the future. With this, our students have the opportunity to obtain on-site experience with some of our partners who provide internships and lessons in particular skills.

Outside of off-site experience with our partners, we bring in experts in fields from culinary to performing arts on a monthly basis, allowing them to interact and work with our students so they are consistently discovering new passions and interests.

A special thank you to our friends who support our efforts and allow us to do what we do: Weingartz, Morley Inc., Crest Ford, Patrick Chevrolet, Knights of Columbus, The Alhambra and Keller Williams Lakeside.


My eight-year-old daughter has Down syndrome. This is not something she will outgrow. It is not something she can get therapy for and work through, or change through a surgery. It is as much a part of who she is as the color of her eyes, or her love for scrambled eggs with salsa. It is my responsibility to prepare her to be a contributing member of society. It is also my responsibility to do what I can to ensure that she finds an open and accepting environment in which she can thrive. I have found the opportunity to fulfill both objectives through Rising Stars Academy in Centerline, MI. Through our collaborative relationship, BAE Systems assists Rising Stars Academy in providing education enhancement through a safe real-world learning environment for young adults with developmental disabilities. In return, the diversity of the BAE Systems work environment is enhanced by showing our employees that everyone has value, and that people are not limited by their disabilities. Together with Rising Stars Academy we are working to change the lives of the students, the perceptions of our employees, and we are paving the way for a brighter future for people like my daughter in our community.
Alexandra Clark, Founding Chocolatier, Bon Bon Bon: Some of our favorite days in Bon Bon Bon history have been spent with the students at Rising Stars Academy! The enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism that RSA students approach any project with, whether it be on the farm or in the kitchen, is to be admired.

Jim Winlund, Business Development, BAE Systems

We have been very impressed with the creative and thoughtful work being done at Rising Stars Academy. In addition to teaching real life lessons and employable skills, the academy gives its students the confidence and self-worth that inspires and enables them to grow personally in preparation for what is often their first professional experience. Morley is proud to support Rising Stars Academy as it continues to flourish under the very capable watch of Chef Mark Prentiss.
Chef Michael Keys, Red Crown: I have worked with Mark on several different events each one has been a pleasure. I really respect the work RSA is doing and continue to get more involved. Great program!

Paul W. Furlo, President & CEO, Morley

This summer, our Camp Director had the pleasure of working with Chef Prentiss and employing a Rising Stars Academy student intern. Chef Prentiss was very passionate of his work and very supportive of his student. The student was well trained, enthusiastic, and eager to learn.

Russ Kreinbring, President, St. Francis Camp on the Lake

Rising Stars Academy students are a pleasure to work with. We have had them working in our dealership for over a year and it has been a pleasure. Very hard workers.

Sam Haynes, General Sales Manager, Crest Ford

Rising Stars is the perfect example of what happens when caring and hardworking people find a need and fill it. Mark and Deb have worked tirelessly to make Rising Stars such a great place. I'm glad I've had the opportunity to work with them and hope to for some time.

Ryan Prentiss, Chef de Cuisine, Townhouse Birmingham

We are fortunate enough to work with some incredible local businesses in the Metro Detroit area.